by holly jarrett

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these tracks were written all the way from june to august. this album is about summer and everything it encompasses.


released August 31, 2013



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holly jarrett Northfield, New Jersey

im 18. i learned guitar last year and my hands are so small that playing barre chords really hurts so i can only play things in c major. i am sorry

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Track Name: so gone
my legs want to sleep but
they miss the feeling of your car seats
i was so gone. i was so sunshine
i was ten thousand scattered letters and melodies
ringing out from my throat desperate
i was so sunsets. i was so gone
Track Name: atlantic
we lost track of time as the june came over us
the rain in my hair
your hands on my skin
orangegray clouds in my lungs
moving over hills of rhetorical questions
waiting for the nighttime to envelope the shore
we drove into a microcosm of if you loved me too
the neonlights like waves on the horizon
the sand at my calves like pins
i asked if you were cold
you said you were if i was
we lost track of the wind and ocean
the sand in my shoes
your hands on my skin
Track Name: wishful thinking
nameless towns i float in
dreamsleep until i see you again
i'll forget to say goodbye as the world turns nightly
promise you'll love me anyway
kiss me in my driveway in the backseat of your car
you don't mean to but you tear me apart
sink into me, fracture my bones
never leave me alone
i diffuse into technicolor
when you're around when you're not around
waterdrops from my clouds from my eyelashes
come home for the summer stay here forever
kiss me in my driveway in the backseat of your car
let's get high for a while underneath these dying stars
you're the deepest puce i have ever known
i'll never leave you alone
Track Name: truth
cerulean in my veins when
i hang upside down from these
things i can’t explain
seafoam in my eyes when i
felt your fingers on my thighs
it glitters and burns and leaves
white ink in my head
touch me softly
allow the truth we spoke to shed
kiss my scars
allow the truth we spoke to shed
Track Name: blueblack nothing
you’re drops of the past now
silver ribbons pulled back in
rewinding trees back into the ground
you out of my fingertips
i felt you in my palms
i felt nothing at all
you’re oils in the ocean
foreign land i wouldn’t step in
yet i still want to trespass on your lips again
to see the lies in your eyes glisten
to touch your ghostly cheeks from my nightmares
where i kissed you again
and i see you swimming under waterfalls
shimmer slipping through you
under the charcoal sky stars falling in your palms
you feel nothing at all
Track Name: lines
i left you in the air on a sunday night
you left wrinkles in my bedsheets
but it feels alright
and you fade into the sunset over bridges in my mind
the summer isn't real
only daisies and dahlias melting on the line
where the ocean meets the bay
where i forgot what i wanted to say
i wanted you to stay
the pinks blurred the line in my mind
where the ocean meets the bay
the pinks made me shine my eyes glassy
i wanted you to stay
Track Name: ghostgrace
you had trouble keeping your food down
waited for the summer to come back around
the sea in your eyes a mermaid in disguise
you don't question the words in your bedsheet
the worlds that you breathe
i feel you here in the strangest of ways
though you're thousands of miles away
hide your eyes from the inkspots in your paint pot
throw yourself into a river
wash the dirt away
ice cold skin daisies in your hands
hazel eyes silver tresses within
flowers between your thighs
you're the trees in the forest, redwoods and pines
your image never leaves my mind
Track Name: treetops
i breathe otherworldly things
waiting for time to pass
i am transparent
my bones are made of glass
you are the insects in the treetops
grass between my toes
you are lovely
the only thing my body wants to know
the sky is still my eyes unmoving
fingers curled knuckles white
i am dead to myself
come kiss me alive
you are the insects in the treetops
grass between my toes
you are lovely
the only thing my body wants to know